Partner With Us

3 ways to partner with HuntScore

Strategic Partner

Do you have a product or service that is highly critical to western or eastern hunting styles? Do you want exposure to hundreds of thousands of hunters? Our strategic partnerships are simple. You give our subscribers the best discount anywhere and we'll advertise your product on all HuntScore unit pages. We look for long term partners who share a belief that together we can create the best experience for hunters around the nation.

Advertising Partner

Guides and outfitters, animal packers (goats, lamas, horses....), tresspass fees, landowner tags, lodging, sporting goods stores and anyone else wanting to get in front of hunters can advertise on our platform. Our rates are extremely reasonable and you won't be sending money to big tech but keeping those ad dollars in the hunting ecosystem.

To access advertising, simply create a user account and then shoot us an email with the title Advertising Partner. Check out our blog about running advertising here.

Content Creator

Whether you want to write a single story about your last hunt or create weekly posts about tatics, gear and hunt planning tap into HuntScore's audience of hundreds of thousands of hunters. Create great hunting content, help HuntScore grow and earn some passive income! Are you a gear junky wanting to do reviews? Or how about a writer or photographer crafting capturing experiences that other hunters should read about? Become a HuntScore content creator, create blog posts and get paid a portion of subscription revenue and advertising revenue from your stories.

To become a content creator, simply create a user account and then shoot us an email with the title Content Creator. Check out our blog about becoming a content creator here (coming soon).